Our experienced crew is at your service for your dock's maintenance.



Steel-N-Foam Docks employs an experienced, full-time service crew — not temporary or part-time contract labor — and we are fully covered under Workman’s Compensation insurance. Our workers are ready and able to do repair work on any steel dock and the accompanying foam and flotation materials.


If one of our custom docks is seriously damaged in a storm, repair work is a priority over new construction.


We offer free estimates on Smith Lake, in most cases, and work with insurance companies on a regular basis.




Steel-N-Foam Docks offers routine inspections of docks to ensure safety, prevent costly unnecessary repairs, and increase the lifetime of your investment.


If you are looking to buy a home on beautiful Smith Lake, it is important to consider Steel-N-Foam Docks for inspection of any docks or related structures on the property.


Steel-N-Foam Docks is an authority on the necessary structural integrity, and we have a quality reputation and standing in the business community.


Steel-N-Foam’s experienced crew will inspect the dock for the following critical elements:


Thorough inspection of what can be seen without deck removal — roofing, decking, anchoring systems, structural damage


Safety issues concerning the structural integrity of dock components including:

  •  Cracks or fractures in frame before they cause major damage
  •  Ramp attachment points/hinges
  •  Floatation attachments
  •  Swim ladder attachments
  •  Jet Ski Port Attachments


Inspections are $150

If we find any structural damage, the $150 cost of the

inspection will be credited towards repairs.


“What a difference! Use me for a reference any time!”  — Mark L.



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